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Motorcycle cover

  • Motorcycle cover
  • Motorcycle cover
  • Motorcycle cover
  • Motorcycle cover
Motorcycle coverMotorcycle coverMotorcycle coverMotorcycle cover

Motorcycle cover

  • Size:S,M,L,XL
  • Material:PVC
  • Function:waterproof,dust resistant
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Product description: Dust,dirty resistant,protect from rain and snow.

1.Made from durable polyester 190T PU Coating material.

2.Protect from rain,snow,UV rays,dirt,dust,bird dropping,scratches,etc.

3.Adjustable heavy duty tue down scraps with quick release buckles to keep the cover from sagging and flapping in the wind.

4.Includes a storage bag fro when not in use.

5.Material is 100% breathable to prevent mold or mildew.

6.Double stitches interlock seams with rot proof thread.

7.Elastic cord all--around bottom hem for custom fit.

8.Air vents for wind lofting.

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